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Dunlop Wets KT14 tyres are the current control wet tyre for Kartsport New Zealand until 2021. These Dunlop kart tyres are suitable for Cadets, Mini ROK, Junior Rotax, DVS, Senior Rotax, Briggs and Raket 120.

Slick tyres are the right tyres for dry races, but they can’t get traction on a wet track. Wet tyres have deep treads and are designed to dissipate and displace water in rainy conditions. Effectively they work in the opposite way to slicks. Slicks provide maximum grip and traction, whereas wets try to keep as little rubber hitting the track as possible. They cut through the standing water to achieve better grip on the track. This is especially important as in wet weather, you have both rain and spray from the backs of your opponent’s karts to contend with. If you try to race with slicks in heavy rainfall, you won’t stay on the track. Wets are the only option for achieving grip in wet weather.

Dunlop Wets KT14 tyres provide excellent grip, performance and usable life. No other 5 inch wet tyre will come close to performance and wear of this tyre.

Dunlop Wets KT14 kart tyre sets:

  • Cadet Sets consist of 4x front tyres.
  • Senior Sets consist of 2x front tyres and 2x rear tyres.

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