ROK CUP 2021

ROK Cup 2021


Entries for Rok Cup 2021 are now open!

It’s another Year of Amazing Prizes for Rok Cup NZL!!

 Winner Rok Cup NZL 2021


Cadet ROK                                                         

  • A New Vortex Kiwi Mini ROK engine.


 Vortex Mini ROK, Vortex ROK DVS Junior, and Vortex ROK DVS Senior                  

  • $2000 cash paid into a bank account of the competitors’ choice.
  • Entry into the 2021 ROK Cup Superfinal to be held October 2021 in Italy.


Rok Cup 2019
Rok Cup 2019

It’s another Year of Amazing Events!

Round 1                 6 / 7 March 2021                WPKA Goldstar Round 2                   KartSport Wellington

Round 2                 3 / 4 April 2021                   NZ Sprint Championship                  KartSport Canterbury

Round 3 a              5 / 6 June 2021                    WPKA Championships                     KartSport Manawatu

Round 3 b             5 / 6 June 2021                    Sunbelt Series                                      KartSport Nelson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       /Marlborough

Round 4                 17 July 2021                         NZ Schools Champs                             Kartsport Tokoroa


Rok Cup Superfinal 2019 Trophies
Rok Cup Superfinal 2019 Trophies

4 Great Classes!!!

Cadet ROK as per Rule E3.1.1

Vortex Mini ROK as per Rule E3.1.2

Vortex ROK DVS Junior as per Rule E3.1.5

Vortex ROK DVS Senior as per Rule E3.2.7



Rok Cup Superfinal 2019
Rok Cup Superfinal 2019


Entries close Monday 21 February 2021.

All competition details available below or contact the team at Supreme Karts Supplies (06) 758 8891 for more details or click below to get access to the Sup Rules and Entry Form!

2021 Supp Rules and Entry Form