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Starlane Corsaro-II R is the newest GPS Karting Data Logger with Touch Screen from Starlane Performance Electronics in Italy.

It connects to the GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO satellite systems for the highest on track positional accuracy.

Starlane units are unique in the fact that there are no cables leading from the steering wheel back to the engine. Data is transferred from the WID-D (Wireless Input Device) unit mounted to the back of the seat wirelessly to the steering wheel mounted dash unit. No need to run cables along the chassis or deal with them getting caught up in the steering.

Data can be downloaded easily via Bluetooth, no additional cables are required. In-depth analysis is done through Starlane’s own MAAT 2.0 program, compatible with Windows and Mac OS. A mobile app is also available for Android users, with an Apple version soon to follow.

Double power supply: with integrated Lithium battery or vehicle 12Volts supply.

Featuring S.E.P.L.A. (Starlane Enhanced Precision Laptiming Algorithm) function: a lap timing algorithm allowing very high lap timing precision.

Included in this package:

-Wireless expansion module WID-D for the acquisition of: RPM, Water Temperature, and Exhaust Temperature
-Water Temperature Sensor (CH2OM10)
-19mm Aluminum Sleeve (MAN19) for water temperature sensor
-RPM induction cable

Lateral and Longitudinal sensors are available in an optional activation.

For more information on the Starlane Corsaro-II R: Click Here

Italian made, widely used by many European professional race teams, and sold in New Zealand exclusively by Supreme Kart Supplies.